We’re firing up a new Minecraft server. Our old Republic server is still online, but since the Aquatic update is out, I decided to launch a new server with vanilla 13.2 — Dog Star.

Want to join in? Read the rules first, then PM me or catch me on Discord to get the address. As the server gets busier I’ll start posting pictures here of the common projects.


  1. No griefing. it’s vanilla, so I’ve got no player protections or team plugins on there. Don’t destroy anyone else’s work.

  2. Hide your stuff. Though I did say “no griefing,” I’m not patrolling the server 24/7. If you’ve left a chest with 600 diamond blocks sitting out in the middle of the open land, don’t come crying to me when it disappears.

  3. Claim stakes: When you’re building a project, please use some fencing, signs, or other enclosures to mark the area you’re working in, and be respectful of other people’s project areas. Most important, don’t impede someone’s ability to work on a contest project.

  4. PvP: Nope. Once there are more people on the server I’ll establish some PvP areas, and might host PvP contests. Currently, the rule is no PvP.

  5. I don’t want to put the server into Peaceful mode because people are going to want resources they have to get from mobs. That means you’ll have to do your best to protect your creations from unfriendly mobs.

  6. Don’t be a dick.

  7. Suggestions: catch me on PM, text, SnapChat, or Discord. Or email me. Do not send me a Facebook message unless you’re willing to wait six months for an answer.