Minecraft Server Info

The server is currently running version 1.9, set at Survival/Normal.  It's never in Creative mode, though individuals will occasionally be in Creative if they're working on a project that I don't want impeded by collecting mats. 

Right now there are no plans to update to 1.10 or 1.11.  We've discovered a few key things that break in the upgrade and a few of the users have requested we remain on 1.9 to prevent disruption to some hard work people put into building earlier.  We're exploring some options for using WorldEdit to move some of those constructs and may do some server updating later.

We do occasionally put the server in Peaceful mode.  Sometimes this is done because there's a contest going on for a few weeks, and occasionally it's in Peaceful when I'm using the server to teach a class so no one has to be distracted by creepers and zombies.

The world spawn is set next to the Welcome Center, where you can gear up with some free stuff and teleport to different biomes before selecting a place to settle.  Each of the biome targets also has a "Leap of Faith" well that you can jump into to teleport back to the Welcome Center.  (Note: with the upgrade to 1.9 the Leap of Faith command blocks seem to be a bit buggy, so just type /warp Welcome to teleport back to the Welcome Center from anywhere.)

 The Welcome Center.  Dunk yourself in the pool for a quick healing.

The Welcome Center.  Dunk yourself in the pool for a quick healing.

You can join the server discussion group on Reddit to find out about the latest server information, contests, and chat with the server admins and other users.

The Server Ops







The Factions mod is enabled on the server to help protect your stuff.  After establishing a faction you can claim a limited amount of land to set as your protected area.  You can invite others to your faction, which extends your faction's total power and gives you the ability to claim more land.

When you wander into land owned by another faction you'll see a banner such as the "817Society" faction banner on the right.  While you're in this faction's land you won't be able to open redstone devices, place blocks, or break blocks. 

When you enter unowned land you'll get the "Wilderness" message.  This land is free to be claimed.

There are also certain areas set as "Safe" zones.  No PvP can occur here, and mobs won't spawn in these zones.

Faction Home.png

Here are a few of the commands you can use to work with factions:

  • /f create <name>  Creates a faction with the name specified.  You're automatically the leader.
  • /f desc <desc>  Create a clever description for your faction.
  • /f claim 1  Claim the 16x16x16 chunk surrounding your current location.
  • /f invite <name> Invite another player to your faction.
  • /f join <name> Join a faction to which you've been invited.
  • /f promote <name>  Promote a member of a faction.  Do this as soon as someone joins, to give him/her full member status.
  • /f listSee all the factions on the server and their current membership and power.
  • /f sethomeSet the current location (which must be on claimed land) as the faction home.
  • /f homeTeleport immediately to the faction home.  (I set my home I water, so I can tp home when on fire.)

For the full list of Factions commands, visit the Factions dev page.


We use EasyWarp to provide some teleportation capability within the server.  Server ops can create new warps; if you think you have a reason for a warp placement, contact one of the ops.  The Welcome Center has signs with temporary warps for viewing the results of the latest contests. You can also look here for a list of current warps.

 Amazing dragon by Poloxamer and Banderling.&nbsp; Go see it in action...

Amazing dragon by Poloxamer and Banderling.  Go see it in action...

  • /warp <warpname> will warp you to that location.
  • /listwarps does just that -- lists all the warps.
  • /warp Welcome will warp you back to the Welcome Center from anywhere, even the Nether.
  • When you see a Warp Sign, just right click on it to be warped to the destination.