The Republic Minecraft Server - Warp List

We use the EasyWarp plugin to allow for some quick movement around the server.  Ops have the ability to create warps and delete them; players are only able to use the warps.  Using a warp is easy -- just type /warp <warpname>. 

Here are some of the more permanent warps available on the server:



  • Welcome - takes you back to the Welcome Center.
  • Castle - takes you inside the Visitor's Castle. 
  • AnimalStack - the viewing platform for the Animal Stack sculpture.
  • RAOArmadillo - the desert ghost town!
  • Goldfarm - sends you to the gold farm, obviously.
 Have fun storming the castle!

Have fun storming the castle!

These warps are for viewing contest entries.

  • Atlantis - the underwater bed and breakfast.
  • Stufak - brick and stone entry to the house building contest.
  • Rethenut - glass and ice castle contest entry.
  • DarkAngel087 - cantilevered house contest entry.
  • Frogblaster77 - the birch disco parlor!
  • Pyrocat -- an entire farm and dwelling from the terraforming contest.
  • Dragon -- visit the fire breathing dragon sculpture!