Keto Bread and Silicone Pans

Although this keto-friendly bread recipe has already been covered extensively on Reddit I'm adding yet another blog about it, partly so I can link here when I want to share it with people.  Directing them to something on a popular Reddit thread is like telling them to review an audio recording of a conversation that took place five years ago in the middle of a football stadium.  Good luck picking out the relevant information.

I agree with KetoConnect -- it's the best keto bread recipe I've found to date, and I've tried a bunch of them.  With this recipe I can make slices of bread that are 1) a decent size while still being 2) low carb and 3) not so spongy as to just fall apart.  In fact, I found this stuff is especially good when toasted lightly before making it into a sandwich or slider buns.  Another nice thing about this recipe is that the dough ends up soft enough to actually pour well.  I was able to fill up the pans without feeling like I was sculpting the dough into something that resembled a brick made from the surface of Mars.

Getting a decent sized slice of bread without adding four to eight grams of carbs to a meal is really challenging.  I found that these silicone pans from Amazon worked great -- the recipe filled each pan almost to the top and the loafs rose noticeably.  I sliced each loaf into 12 pieces, so the total calories/carbs turned out to be 75 calories, .9g of carb in each piece.  You could round that up to 1g of carb for easy adding or depending on what your thoughts on carbs in eggs are.  (When calculating this I assumed .6g of carb per egg.  I've seen the carb estimate as low as .4g per egg from the National Agricultural Library to 1g according to numerous online resources.)