Low Carb Hot Dog Fettucine Alfredo

That's right.  Hot dog.  I already had this excellent alfredo sauce made from a recipe in Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking, by Maria Emmerich.  Someone really cool bought me this book a few days ago and I didn't want to wait for Christmas to start using it.  I made some of the alfredo sauce a few days ago to eat with some chicken and shrimp and loved it.  That same day I ordered some Miracle Noodles, which I also learned about in said book.  They arrived yesterday, and I was really eager to try them this morning.

Four miles of running this morning (which included most of Episode Six of The Man in the High Castle) made me quite ready for some alfredo for lunch.  Alas, I discovered that the four ounces of leftover chicken I had in the fridge was actually zero ounces.  Apparently I ate it yesterday...

I did, however, have hot dogs.  Another of Ms. Emmerich's recipes, Pigs In A Bacon Blanket, called for hot dogs, so...why not try them in alfredo sauce?  The noodles took two minutes to boil, the sauce and dog took about a minute to heat.  Since the noodles are zero calorie, zero carb, the whole meal came to about 310 calories and around 1 gram of carb.  (Oscar Meyer Premium Beef Franks are 130 calories each.)  I'm re-reading Dune right now and I'm happy to report it goes just fine with hot dog alfredo.

Best Laid Plans...

I thought I'd take a day off from running today.  Since I finally decided back in September that I was tired of being overweight (really, truly, completely tired of it this time.  Really.) I've been doing two things: keto diet and getting cardio exercise at least five of every seven days.  (That's right.  A perfect five out of seven.) 

Normally I alternate running: HIIT one day versus a steady pace the next, trying to keep my heart rate in a particular zone.  I also alternate between the treadmill, the track at the gym, and the great outdoors.  Every once in a while I take a day off just to give my knees and feet a break, make sure everything's still functioning the way it should.  Today was going to be one of those days, but by round two (i.e., 15:15 CST, when the second round of football games starts) I was feeling seriously sluggish, and eventually I did this:

That's the second quarter of the Giants-Packers game, minus the first minute I missed while finding my Zune.  (Probably seemed like a lot longer for Eli Manning, especially while he watched Timmons run 58 yards after picking him off at the goal line.)

So, yeah.  Planned zero miles, ran four.  When I say I have a plan, I mean I have a hand drawn roadmap.  And when I say I have a roadmap, I mean I have a route in mind.  And when I say I have a route in mind, I actually just have a destination, and that destination was probably a whim that seemed like a good idea at the time.  But at least I'm going somewhere, and the Giants lost.  Double score!